Patrick Hoelck’s photography resonates because his darkness does not hide, pervert, destroy, or malign. Instead, it emboldens, signifies, nurtures, resurrects an individual for who they are: sexuality and celebrity status are consequential of being human—of being a man or woman, actor or actress, singer or musician, model or cult personality; glamour and attitude are consequential of one’s pride and self-respect.

I am proud to announce has launched!

My good friend and talented Photographer, Michael Muller and I have officially launched our latest project We have successfully jammed (a combined) 40+ years of our working careers and all of its "lessons learned" into 18+ hours of on-set instruction. I hope you enjoy it and can pass it along to those that are interested. New videos and surprise guest photographers to follow. It’s been an amazing journey.

Love and light


Join me, and Learn Photography at

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